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I’m having my usual iced lemon tea in a not-so-usual long, slender glass. It’s a commercial drink today, well, like most of the drinks that appear on my Tea Talk posts.  This one’s an order from a restaurant at Thaniya Plaza where I browse golf equipment.

I’m feeling dazed but optimistic.  My son’s second clinical impression is  PDD (pervasive developmental disorder). I was on the phone with his psychologist and occupational therapist discussing sessions.  A massive homework lies in front of me.

On my mind is predictably my son.  While my decision is to tackle his developmental issues, I have not forgotten all the fun things he and I are going to do. The rewards I am going to give him for every little success he makes are already crowding my mind.  I leave the therapy to the specialists.  Thank goodness they exist.

Are you familiar with Charles Schwab?  I’m not.  I have never heard of him until a few minutes ago when I looked around for something to inspire me in the midst of this challenge I am in right now.

A quick fact: Charles Schwab is the chairman and founder of Charles Schwab Corporation, a brokerage and banking company.  That’s SUCCESS written all over but before all that, he failed remedial English due to a learning disability.   Looking at him now I think there is credibility in what he says:

“Passion is the great slayer of adversity. Focus on strengths and what you enjoy.”