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I’m having Oishi black lemon tea.

My glass is a company-issued one I seldom use. It’s been hibernating in a drawer for years.  The sun is blazing hot outside and my fridge has ran out of my first drink choice this afternoon – cold water, so both glass and tea came in handy.

I’m feeling a bit impatient.  The Eagles concert is sold out but a student of mine whose company promoted the Deftones last week offered to help get me a ticket. I’m waiting for her to call back.

Wait, wonder, hope…

On my mind is patience or at least the illusion of it.  I practice the virtue by planning what I am going to do if I do not get what I want, like watching one of my favorite bands live. If I missed the Eagles what would I do…

Eat?… Read?… Have another go at golf this weekend?….

Think?… of what?… I had been busy communicating with my son’s psychologist and occupational therapist, arranging therapy sessions I forgot to book my seat at Impact Arena for Sunday. Ah well, I will make up for it some way, somehow. In other words I am coping.

“Everywhere in life, the true question is not what we gain, but what we do.”
Thomas Carlyle Quotes