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“A time to look over our week, recall blessings great and small and pick our five favorites to share”

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Cassia Cafe and Tea Room. I’ve been fancying this lovely place since I found it online. Finally I went and had steak and kidney pie. The green tea with milk and honey is divine.

CJ talked to me on the phone! “Mommy, I’m reading.”  The therapy sessions must have started taking effect.

Entertaining. Wednesday was a holiday and I had company over  which meant enjoying the added bonus of having my space especially clean and the fridge well-stocked. We were deep in girl talk late into the night.  When there’s no pressure and no tension that you’re still in pajamas at 11 AM, it’s a holiday indeed.

Work permit found! It was missing for days. I was worried sick thinking of the red tape I’d have to get through to get a new one. Just when I was ready to accept that, I found it underneath five pairs of sunglasses on the left side of one drawer.

Jane Austen jigsaw puzzle. It’s the most charming treasure I have bought so far. “Packaged in a book-like box, it features illustrations from the Regency era paired with quotes from Jane Austen’s beloved novels.”